Her Cape Guide to SDCC: #98- Conan O’Brien


Her Cape 100 Things to Know About SDCC continues with #98: Conan O’Brien. Team Coco takes over San Diego Comic Con 2017. Here’s what you need to know.

Conan O’Brien returns to San Diego Comic Con for the third year in a row. He’ll be back at the Spreckels Theater on Broadway in Downtown San Diego from July 19-22 to tape his TBS late night show.

Conan will start taking over Downtown San Diego well before he actually arrives. If history repeats itself, his handsome mug will be plastered to the Trolley and the exterior of the Marriott Marina next to the San Diego Convention Center ahead of SDCC.

SDCC 2016, Photo: Sarabeth Pollock

Team Coco is once again taking over SDCC with some of the biggest celebrity appearances outside of Hall H. In the past, Conan has played host to the entire casts of The Walking Dead, Suicide Squad, and Game of Thrones. This SDCC offsite event is so popular (you don’t need a SDCC badge to attend) that people have been known to line up all day to get in.

Adding to the immense popularity of the Conan tapings in 2016 were the exclusive Conan Funko Pops distributed to all members of the audience. There was a Stormtrooper Conan, Ghostbuster Conan, Superman Conan and Joker Conan. (I got Stormtrooper Conan) I can tell you from experience that as I left the theater there were people standing outside offering $80 cash to anyone willing to part with their limited edition figures. No joke. Everyone I saw held onto their Conan Funko Pops as badges of honor and mementos of the experience.

SDCC 2016, Photo: Sarabeth Pollock

Team Coco will announce details about Conan’s trip to SDCC on the show’s Facebook page, and guest information will follow shortly after that. If you’re hoping to get tickets, watch for the announcement and register for your tickets online. On the day of your taping, plan to spend your early afternoon and evening at the show, which means if you have a badge for SDCC you will need to leave the San Diego Convention Center with enough time to walk five blocks to the theater.

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Her Cape will keep you updated with all of the details for the Conan show tapings at SDCC as they become available, along with early looks at all of the Team Coco signage that starts popping up around the Convention Center.