Could Pitch have capitalized upon Wonder Woman’s success?


The 2017 MLB Draft has arrived. With the warm reception from Wonder Woman in the air, could Fox’s Pitch have had a better shot in its sophomore season?

Pitch was an experiment for Fox and Major League Baseball. While it was a show meant for entertainment, first and foremost, it was also a bit of a social experiment. How would a female pitcher be received by viewers and baseball fans? What would happen if a Major League Baseball team drafted a young woman with a talented arm and put her on the mound?

During the show’s season premiere, the Pitch showrunners projected what a ballpark would look like for the debut of the first female ballplayer: Appropriately, it was packed full of enthusiastic young girls cheering for Ginny Baker.

It’s that same kind of atmosphere that we’re seeing these days as young girls embrace Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Girls have a very positive role model in Wonder Woman, who shows them that the sky is literally the limit for girls everywhere. The same could be said of Kylie Bunbury’s Ginny Baker, who was a trailblazer on Pitch.

As we look ahead at the 2017 MLB Draft, girls everywhere are reminded that while we can play the sport, we won’t be able to play professionally. Sure, there are softball teams, and softball is making a comeback at the 2020 Olympics, but there are no opportunities for girls to play softball.

There had been rumors that the show was a litmus test for Major League Baseball. As a partner on the show’s production, it makes sense that MLB executives wanted to see what people would say about having a woman playing in the major leagues.

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Sadly, Pitch was cancelled so we’ll never know what was to become of Ginny Baker, who suffered an elbow injury in the season finale. But perhaps Baker debuted at the wrong time. If only Pitch premiered this fall, after legions of young girls spend the summer dreaming of doing things no one else has done. Maybe Pitch could have captured Wonder Woman’s energy and ran with it, making it into such a hit show that the next question is why aren’t women playing in the major league?