Rumor: Disneyland’s Fantasmic to return during D23 weekend


The return of Fantasmic at Disneyland is rumored to coincide with D23 weekend in Anaheim, which means there is a lot going on the weekend of July 14th.

As we move closer to D23, the bi-annual celebration of all things Disney, there is news about the return of a beloved attraction at Disneyland that will no doubt lead to many D23 fans making a trip across the street to the Disneyland Resort once the convention ends for the day. What is it? How about the long-awaited return of Fantasmic!

July 14th is the rumored premiere date of Fantasmic!, the nighttime spectacular at Disneyland. The show, which combines live actors, lighting, and special effects, takes place on the Rivers of America. Fantasmic! has been dark for over a year while the Rivers of America were rerouted for the addition of Star Wars Land. Cast members have already been rehearsing for the new show late at night after the park closes ahead of the debut.

The rumored July 14th return date makes perfect sense given that D23, which runs July 14-16, will be in full swing. Given that many of the D23 attendees are also Disneyland Annual Passholders, it’s very likely that we’ll see lots of D23 fans filling the park to celebrate the beloved show’s return.

Of course, some D23 fans are already concerned about the July 14 date because they will be spending the night in line at the Anaheim Convention Center to ensure the ability to get inside the convention center and purchase exclusives first thing on Saturday. Not only that, but the major programming panels, including the Disney Parks panel, are on Saturday and many fans will be camping to get a seat in the auditorium. For those fans, a trip into the park for Fantasmic’s debut on July 14 won’t be possible.

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Fortunately, though, Fantasmic! won’t be going anywhere upon its return. Rumor has it that the show will remain mostly the same, but the Peter Pan scene aboard the Columbia sailing ship has been replaced with a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. The Lion King and Aladdin are also rumored to be part of the new show, which opened in 1992.