Gal Gadot’s husband proud to be Mr. Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot’s husband Jaron Varsano is proud to be Wonder Woman’s husband and he has no problem telling people about it.

Gal Gadot is taking over the world as her film Wonder Woman, dominates the box office and pop

culture discussions around the globe. Gadot is also an amazing person who has no problem showing us how she balances being a global superstar and a mom. Her biggest fan is her husband, Jaron Varsano, who has no problem telling the world that he’s Wonder Woman’s husband.

Varsano shared a photo on his Instagram account and Gadot posted it as well of the adorable couple sharing a moment on the patio. She’s sitting casually in a chair while he’s standing beside her, beaming and pointing at her.

The cause of the big smile? His shirt, which has two images on it. The first image is the picture you see on women’s restrooms with the caption “Your Wife” and the other is an image of Wonder Woman with the caption “My Wife.” Gadot is beaming and pointing at Wonder Woman and the words “My Wife.”

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It’s an adorable moment and it  says a lot about how supportive he is. With the success of the film, there’s no question that Wonder Woman isn’t going anywhere any time soon, which means we will see more of Gadot and her wonderful family.