Where is the superhero clothing for women?


As a little girl, I was obsessed with the original Star Wars trilogy.  The story and the adventure were mesmerizing.  I wanted to be Han Solo.  I also loved superheroes.  Unfortunately, it was near impossible to find sci-fi or superhero themed clothes marketed to girls.

If I wanted something featuring any character other than Princess Leia, I had to buy boys clothes. Never having an issue connecting with characters of the opposite sex, I wanted clothes featuring Han, Luke or Boba Fett. I found it endlessly annoying that I couldn’t find things made for my body. Boys’ clothes are generally super-unflattering for girls.

Happily, that trend seems to have finally abated.  Young girls and teens can now easily find sci-fi and superhero themed t-shirts created specifically for them.  Their options include characters of both genders!  Congrats to the new generation of female sci-fi enthusiasts; you really have no idea how good you have it.  Too bad you will eventually outgrow those options.

If I want to rock a superhero or sci-fi character shirt, I have to shop in sections that are not designed for me.  Children and teens of both genders have many choices at any number of stores.  Grown men have a plethora of options in any department store.

Women, on the other hand, must search the internet or specialty stores if we want something actually designed and fitted for us.  Her Universe is a step in the right direction, but the few stores that feature the line seem to only carry junior sizes.

With the success of The Force Awakens and Wonder Woman, here’s hoping that marketing departments will wake up to the fact that fangirls of all ages exist.  A female Jedi!  A female superhero without a tragic, disturbing backstory!  We are here for it!  The world is clamoring for any hint about the next Star Wars.  Wonder Woman has broken record after record with no signs of slowing down.

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Adult, female sci-fi fans are out there.  We have proven that we will show up.   Please, give us the opportunity to show our fangirl pride when we do.