Her Cape Guide to SDCC: #93 – Get to know the Exhibit Hall map


Her Cape 100 Things to Know About SDCC continues with #93: Breaking down the Exhibitor list and Exhibit Hall map. Here’s what you need to know!

Comic Con International released the SDCC Exhibit Hall map and a list of exhibitors, which is a big indication that SDCC 2017 is truly right around the corner. You can find details on the map and exhibitor list here.

A look at the map of the Exhibit Hall reveals the usual big dogs in the middle of the floor: DC Comics, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Sideshow, Mattel, Hasbro. Then you have Artist’s Alley, Small Press, Fan Tables, and all of the other SDCC goodness.

Having a map of the floor is helpful ahead of the big event because there is a lot to see, and if you go into the Exhibit Hall blindly without being familiar with the layout you’re likely to become overwhelmed. Funko has taken up residence on one side of the Exhibit Floor, against the wall between the Exhibit Hall floor and Hall H. Many video game platforms have booths on the opposite end of the San Diego Convention Center, at Hall A. The big exhibitors, like the ones listed above, tend to congregate in the center of the Exhibit Hall with all of the other vendors surrounding them.

The nice thing about the Exhibit Hall is that the layout has remained the same over the years. The Gold and Silver Pavilion, home to classic comic book displays and vendors, is always in the same spot. You can orient your place on the floor by looking around and seeing how close you are to DC Comics, or Mattel, or any of the other booths with massive signage.

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Using the numeric signage is an important piece of the navigation puzzle as anything else. Each aisle on the floor is numbered, and while you might not see the individual booth numbers, you will be able to get to the right aisle and then search from there.

As you prepare for SDCC, be sure to take a few moments to become familiar with the layout. It will make your SDCC experience much easier.