Wonder Woman still in Top 5 despite fewer theaters


After 6 weeks Wonder Woman is in fewer theaters but still powers past rivals, finishing the weekend as the No. 4 film.

Once upon a time, movies spent weeks at the top of the box office. Titanic and Avatar come to mind. These movies were at the top for weeks upon weeks before falling down the list. That was possible because Hollywood didn’t roll out the blockbusters the way it does now. That’s why the Wonder Woman phenomenon is so fantastic. Despite the barrage of summer blockbusters being released week after week, Wonder Woman is still in the box office top 5.

Wonder Woman came out six weeks ago and she’s still powering through the box office, proving that the female-led superhero movie has staying power in theaters.

The July 7-9 box office report from Box Office Mojo lists Wonder Woman in the No. 4 spot with a weekend total of $9.822 million, which brings her domestic box office total to $368 million. What’s more is that after six weeks Wonder Woman is still powering past newcomers like Transformers: The Last Night (No. 5, 3 weeks) and Cars 3 (No. 6, 4 weeks).

Not only is Wonder Woman outperforming other movies terms of box office take, it’s even more telling that Patty Jenkins’ record-breaking movie is doing it with fewer theaters. Wonder Woman appeared in 3091 theaters over the weekend and made $9.82 million while the latest Transformers movie was shown in 3241 theaters and made $6.37 million.

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If this pace holds true, Wonder Woman might remain in the top 10 through the summer, which is a huge accomplishment for any film, let alone one that has already shattered so many records for its female director.