Batman Gift Guide: 10 best Batman collectibles for all ages


Calling all Batman Collectors! These ten collectibles are a must to add to your collection to prove your fandom for the Caped Crusader.

After more than 78 years of existence for Batman and fans continue to join in on the adventures of the Dark Knight. This year has struck sadness to the Batman community with the death of former Batman star Adam West. West once said, “Anything that triggers good memories can’t be all bad.” With that said, West understood the love and connection a person can have for something such as Batman. So while you’re at, treat yourself, and buy a collectible or two.

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Batman 1989 Logo Mouse Pad

Don’t want to break the bank but still want to add something to your Batman collection? This mouse pad is the perfect fit. This will add to your collection, while simultaneously helping you maneuver your computer mouse to buy the next item.

Buy The Mouse Pad For: $12.95

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Batman Automobilia Magazine No. 79 with Batman 1966 Catmobile

Time to get the best of both worlds. This magazine offers an in-depth look at iconic vehicles ever driven by Batman himself. As an added bonus this great buy comes with a die-cast metal Catmobile from the tv series ready for display.

Buy The Magazine & Die-cast For: $22.95

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 Batman Bat-Signal Prop Replica

Call in the Batman! This replica of the Bat-Signal is filled with detail that can be recognized from the Dark Knight Trilogy and even offers 3 different symbols to attach and light silhouettes onto your walls of your office or bedroom. The symbols can be recognized from the Dark Knight Trilogy, modern, and classic Batman comics.


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Batman 1966 Shakespeare Head Bust Bank

You might recognize this Shakespeare piece because it has been resting on Bruce Wayne’s desk hiding the secret button for his Batcave. This bust bank might not hide the entry button for your Batcave but will hide your spare money for future Batman collectibles.

Buy the bank for: $84.95

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Batman Returns Theatrical Poster Mug

Take a trip to the 90s every morning with your new mug. This mug features the promotional Batman Returns poster with Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin. It’s the one-two pouch as it will hold cold or hot liquid while also being microwave and dishwasher safe.

Buy the mug for: $14.95

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DC Comics Batman Road Trip Board Game

Gotham villains have joined together to bring terror to the city and its’ citizens. The Caped Crusader needs your help to save the citizens and take back the city. This game is an “epic game of fun and strategy.” Are you ready to save Gotham City?

Buy the board game for: $26.95

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Batman Through the Years Mug

Didn’t like the Batman Mug above? This mug will sure be appreciated by fans of young and old. The mug features several depictions of Batman over the year from his first appearance in Detective Comic 27 (1939) to present day. Grab some coffee or hot chocolate in this mug and you’re sure to guarantee to protect yourself from the morning blues.

Buy the mug: $17.95

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Batman Choose Your Ride Art Print

Decorate your bland walls with this Batman art print. Time to glance over to your walls and imagine driving down in your own Batmobile. The art print features five Batman vehicles silhouettes on a blueprint background. Perfect for framing.

Buy the print for: $15.95

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Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile statue bookends

Loose books around the office can be a pain. This bookend will amaze not only Batman fans but fans of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. Batman will now move on from protecting Gotham with his Batmobile and head to your bookshelf with these bookends. The bookends are made a resin-cast that will be sure to keep your books in place.

Buy the bookends for: $199.95

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Batman Symbol Molded Hardcase Rolling Suitcase

How are you going to store and carry all your collectibles from place to place? Warner Bros has the piece for you! The hardcase rolling suitcase featuring a large Batman logo will protect any of your belonging from the daily dangers.

Buy the suitcase for: $79.95

Didn’t like any of the 10 items featured above, well you’re in luck because Warner Bros Shop has plenty to choose from.