Secret Empire recap: Avengers so creepy, Champions so sad


In a quiet week, Secret Empire checks in on the Avengers and Champions, two teams radically changed by Cap’s fascist takeover.

Avengers #10

Cover by Alex Ross

What happened? Superior Octopus leads Hydra’s Avengers to stop some goopy alien blobs from sabotaging the planetary shield. Octopus gives readers background on the members of this wicked little team, and he steals a Pym Particle container from Black Ant.

Was it good? Very much so. This team has looked great from the start, but we haven’t gotten to know much about them outside of dinner with Ultron. Octopus’s smug narration brings back fond memories of Superior Spider-Man. And Mike Del Mundo really lets loose with the swirly, amorphous alien foes.

Recommendation: Yes, this is a good addition to the creeps you’ve seen in the main storyline.

Champions #11

Cover by Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado

What happened? The kids try to clean up after Hydra’s decimation of Las Vegas. Hulk can’t think or punch his way out of his pain. Miles Morales has to inspire Ironheart and Patriot to move past their rage and fear. Wasp’s cheer can’t cover up the loss. But they finally manage to save one newborn, and this gives them renewed hope.

Was it good? Yes, after last issue’s stumble, this book focuses on the heart these kids bring to their stories. Ramos’s art carefully takes the gore out of these rescue efforts, showing shocked faces instead of dismembered pieces. That’s the smart choice with this team.

Recommendation: Yes, it’s good to ground your stories at least a little, and it’s refreshing to see these kids before they join Black Widow’s murder squad.

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Though this week feels eerily calm, especially after the apparent death of Black Widow, each issue was a solid read that added to the emotional heart of Marvel’s premiere teams of two generations.