Every Spider-Man animated series ranked

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Image Courtesy of Disney-ABC Domestic Television and Marvel Animation for Spider-Man (1967)

5. Spider-Man (1967-1970)

The first animated incarnation of Spider-Man may seem corny now, but at the time of its release, it was every comic book buff’s dream. Fans were finally able to enjoy the web-slinger on television and join him on fun, weekly adventures. The hero’s supporting cast and an array of classic bad guys were also well-represented.

Unfortunately, the one foe the series couldn’t defeat was its shoe-string budget. Due to massive monetary constraints, episodes had to constantly utilize stock footage. And for a while, the titular character even had to sport a suit lacking an eight-legged spider and most of his signature web patterns.

Despite being a product of its time, this vintage cartoon will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts just as that iconic theme song will always stay on their lips.