Arrow season 6: Manu Bennett drops new Deathstroke tease


It looks like Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke will be part of Arrow’s season 6, with this latest tease on Instagram.

The final two episodes of Arrow’s fifth season had Manu Bennett reprise his role as Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson. On Arrow, Slade met Oliver Queen at Lian Yu in season 1, but became enemies through a handful of events on the island. This played into season 2, with Deathstroke as the “big bad” that tried to ruin Oliver’s life and destroy Starling City.

Well, in season 5, Oliver took Slade out of the A.R.G.U.S. prison at Lian Yu, to help him defeat Adrian Chase and his team of villains. Slade said the Mirakuru wore off and he doesn’t remember much of what happened to him with the serum in him, so the two reunited like it was 2012 (season 1).

To end season 5, Wilson was among the characters stranded on Lian Yu, as hundreds of explosives detonated. This came after Chase killed himself to set off the explosives. It put everyone, except Oliver and his son William, in doubt. However, this teaser Bennett dropped on Instagram may indicate his return for season 6 of Arrow and his subsequent survival:

Of course, Bennett’s Deathstroke character could just appear in the season opener. However, with Oliver telling Slade that he wants to help find his son, there’s a storyline in place for the latter’s return.

Bennett’s character has been a popular part of Arrow‘s existence when he was seen throughout season 1 and 2. That slowed down afterward, with a limited-to-no role from seasons 3-5. If he survives Lian Yu, though, that should change for season 6, especially if multiple members of Team Arrow perish on the island and more roles are needed to be filled.

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Arrow will return on Thursday, Oct. 12. at 9:00 p.m. ET.