More records possible for Wonder Woman over Labor Day Weekend


Though available already via digital, Wonder Woman is still in theaters and is fast approaching more milestones as Labor Day weekend approaches.

Who would have thought that we’d still be talking about Wonder Woman being shown in theaters over Labor Day Weekend? Diana Prince landed at the box office on June 2 and has been ruling theaters all summer long. Now, even after the smash hit has landed in homes on digital ahead of the September 19 Blu-Ray release, Wonder Woman is about to break another record in theaters over the long holiday weekend.

According to Forbes, once Wonder Woman passes the $409 million mark it will become the 20th highest domestic grossing movie ever and the 5th highest grossing superhero movie in North America. With a smidge above $409 million, Wonder Woman will surpass The Hunger Games ($408.01 million), Captain America: Civil War ($408.08 million), and Iron Man 3 ($409.013 million).

As of August 31, Wonder Woman sits in the No. 14 spot on the domestic box office charts with a total domestic gross of $407 million. What’s even more impressive than that number is that the film is still being shown in 2210 theaters almost three months after it debuted. While the number of theaters will change with new releases for the holiday weekend, the numbers are still stunning.

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There aren’t many movies in recent memory that have the kind of longevity that Wonder Woman has enjoyed these past few months, which further proves that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have created the perfect movie at a time when we need Diana Prince the most. Thankfully, we’ll see Diana Prince again soon enough when Gal Gadot appears in Justice League in November.