Still time to head to Long Beach Comic Con 2017


There’s still plenty of time to head to Long Beach Comic Con this Labor Day weekend, where you’ll find a huge assortment of cosplay, shopping, and celebrities.

I don’t know how you spent Saturday morning of your Labor Day weekend but I spent mine rubbing elbows with William Shatner (yes, of Star Trek fame) and the one and only Sherilyn Fenn who brings Audrey to life on Twin Peaks. OK, so maybe I didn’t actually bump elbows with them, but they were available for autographs and photos today at day one of Long Beach Comic Con.

Sherilyn Fenn, star of Twin Peaks, at LBCC 2017. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock

Long Beach Comic Con is the place to be this weekend. From awesome cosplay to one of a kind art to tons of shopping, there is something here for everyone. Space Con is one of the best areas to check out on the exhibit hall floor: Here, you can meet folks from NASA and see the mockup of one of the Mars rovers. (Think of Matt Damon’s The Martian) For space geeks like me, it’s a big deal.

Mars Rovers at Space Con, Long Beach Comic Expo 2017. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock

I’ve been to lots of cons and what I love about Long Beach Comic Con is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Though it’s on the smaller side compared to New York or San Diego Comic Con, it has all of the same elements but without the claustrophobic feeling. The crowds moves nicely through the floor so shopping is a breeze. You can chat with the artists in the massive Artist Alley and not have to worry about people bumping into you.  

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If you missed the fun at Long Beach Comic Con on Saturday, you can still look forward to Sunday. Sherilyn Fenn will be there Sunday, which is perfect to coincide with the finale of Twin Peaks later tonight. The doors will open at 10:30am and the show ends at 5pm.