Jessica Jones is the gateway show into the MCU for many Netflix viewers


Recently Netflix revealed that of the five original series on the streaming platform set in the Marvel universe Jessica Jones is the one fans connect with first.

Netflix is notorious for not releasing the ratings for its original series. But within the MCU Jessica Jones reigns over the other Defenders in ratings for individual series, according to USA Today.

The most recent Marvel series on Netflix, The Defenders, had mixed reviews. Viewers were disappointed in the lackluster development of Iron Fist, who is the least popular member of The Defenders team.

Each member of The Defenders also has their own series on Netflix. In July Iron Fist managed to squeak out a renewal for a second season. But the show lags far behind the other Marvel characters show in popularity. The other individual MCU series all were renewed almost immediately after they were released.

The gateway to watching Marvel series, according to Netflix, is Jessica Jones. The surly and sarcastic anti-heroine played by Krysten Ritter is a huge hit with fans and is the show most viewers are connected with first. Daredevil is the second most popular Marvel series followed by Luke Cage.

Breaking The Female Superhero Stereotype

It’s significant that Jessica Jones is the most popular series in the MCU on Netflix because Jessica is the opposite of the stereotypical female superhero.

Within the superhero world female superheroes are almost universally known for their revealing costumes. And sweet, almost subservient attitudes.

A perfect example of this is Melissa Benoist in Supergirl on the CW. Conventionally pretty and sweet faced her strength is enough to make her a superhero but not enough to be intimidating or threatening.

Another example would be Sarah Michelle Gellar’s portrayal of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Strong and smart enough to kill any monster that crossed her path, but still conventionally pretty, feminine, and sweet.

The Anti-Heroine

Jessica Jones is none of those things. Jessica doesn’t care about how she looks and doesn’t wear clothes that bring attention her way. She tries to hide from the world as much as she can while still doing her job as a private investigator. Jessica is not driven by an innate desire to make the world a better place or take care of people.

She is also not typically feminine. Jessica drinks too much, swears constantly, and is surly and sarcastic. Instead of hiding the pain of her past or trying to channel it into taking care of others she wears her pain on her sleeve instead of her heart and open about her struggles to make it from day to day.

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And that’s exactly why everyone loves her. Jessica Jones season 2 was shot concurrently with The Defenders and should be released in 2018.