Marvel Netflix shows after The Defenders, ranked

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SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 21: Actress Krysten Ritter from the series ‘Jessica Jones’ stopped by Nintendo at the TV Insider Lounge to check out Nintendo Switch during Comic-Con International at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 21, 2017 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Nintendo)

1. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was the most well-rounded series of anything Marvel and Netflix aired. It told one of the best stories, had a sympathetic-yet-badass hero and a villain you wanted to see taken down by the end of the season.

Jessica’s past was revealed throughout the first season, as viewers learned of her torturous life with Kilgrave. He had her, and others, under mind control, as they did whatever he asked of. It could be killing or doing a simple deed for him.

The man presence behind this villain, David Tennant, played a terrific role. He was the standout performer here, with his take on Kilgrave something that’s a must-watch, similar to D’Onofrio’s Fisk from Daredevil.

Even without Kilgrave, Jones was an alcoholic and someone who tried to move forward with her life. Her path to get there was intriguing to follow through all 13 episodes, until the ending battle with Kilgrave.

Jessica Jones barely beats out Daredevil here, as both shows are strong from top to bottom and the best work of Marvel’s Netflix universe.

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