Death is not the end on Gotham


Never say die on Gotham. Even though it might look like the end for some of the characters, there always seems to be at least one encore.

One of the major benefits of basing a television show on a comic book world is that all of the rules can be thrown out. When it comes to Fox’s Gotham, we’ve already seen those rules go out the window as characters like Fish Mooney have died and returned several times already, and that pattern seems to be continuing with Barbara and Butch.

What are a few bullets and a few thousand volts of electricity between friends? No hard feelings, right? Death doesn’t mean anything these days on Gotham. That would seem to be the case with two Gotham regulars – Butch Kilzean and Barbara Kean – who seemingly bit the dust at the end of season 3 but are still very much alive based on their appearances on set and during Gotham’s summer press tours.

Butch (Drew Powell) has already served as right hand man to Fish Mooney, Penguin and the Galavans, and now that bullet to the head is going to transform him into another person entirely. From now on, if the rumors are true, then Butch won’t have to worry about working for anyone else. As Solomon Grundy, he will be able to take care of himself. Confused? Well, when Butch was in the hospital in the season 3 finale, the doctors said his real name is Cyrus Gold, aka Solomon Grundy, the Gotham City baddie who dies and returns as a zombie. Because why not?

Barbara Kean is another story entirely. Ever since her wires were crossed, Barbara hasn’t been the same person even though she has been certified as “sane” by the good doctors at Arkham. There were rumors ahead of the season finale that fans would be treated to a glimpse of the future Harley Quinn and many fans guessed that Barbara just might be that person even though she’s technically too old to be the main squeeze of Cameron Monaghan’s future Joker, Jerome Valeska. Barbara is also missing the degree in psychiatry that is a key component in Harley Quinn’s character. But maybe the jolt will turn her into a new person altogether. You never know. What we do know, however, is that it is a lot of fun watching Erin Richards bring Babs to life. (Again)

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There’s little doubt that all will be explained when Gotham returns on September 21. But for now it’s nice knowing that on Gotham, death is not the end for so many of our favorite characters.