Midnight, Texas is one of the best shows on TV right now


Midnight, Texas is the perfect show for today’s TV viewers and in many ways it surpasses the lessons learned from True Blood.

If you’re not watching Midnight, Texas then you’re missing out on one of the best shows on television right now. In short, a group of supernaturally talented outsiders live in the small Texas town of Midnight. While they prefer to stick to themselves, they are magnets for trouble thanks to the thin layer separating the local Hell Mouth from the rest of the world.

The good people of Midnight function as a group to protect themselves from outside interference. The outsiders who know of the town’s reputation either stay away or like to bully the town’s residents, which is never a good idea. One thing is for sure: Midnight takes care of its own.

Midnight cleverly addresses many of today’s hot-button issues without throwing them in your face like other shows. From a band of menacing white surpremacists to Lem’s past as a slave and Olivia’s equally dark past, nothing is off limits. And like other Charlaine Harris-inspired tales such as HBO’s True Blood, the plot is thick with symbolism and messages.

The cast has incredible chemistry. I had a chance to meet the cast at the press roundtables at San Diego Comic Con, only a few days before the show debuted on July 24. At that point I hadn’t seen the show so I was meeting the cast with only the descriptions of the series to guide me. What was immediately apparent was that the cast is already close. Everyone gets along and seems to genuinely like each other, and this comes through when you watch the show. This is a brilliant and diverse cast that is full of chemistry. As soon as you’re introduced to the characters you’re invested in what happens to them.

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As of this writing Midnight, Texas has not received a second season pickup, but I have to think that one is close behind. Midnight, Texas is fun to watch, with solid writing, clever plot twists, compelling characters, and enough potential to last for several seasons. So let’s get that second season on order and then we can really have some fun.