Supernatural season 13 preview: Saving people, hunting things, Wayward Sisters


The CW’s longest running show, Supernatural, is back again for season 13. The first episode of season 13 airs on The CW on October 12th.

Not everyone survived the intense Supernatural season 12 finale, and some favorite characters are gone but not dead. And some are actually dead.

Sadly, everyone’s favorite demon wrangler and the King of Hell Crowley didn’t make it out of season 12. On a show that is famous for bringing people back from the dead it seems like Crowley is actually dead. Mark Sheppard confirmed that Crowley will not be coming back.

Crowley’s death left a power vacuum in Hell, and there will be a new big bad stepping in to try and take over Crowley’s kingdom. The boys had a love/hate relationship with Crowley, but their relationship with the new King of Hell is going to be all hate.

Surviving The Apocalypse

Mary Winchester is trapped, along with Lucifer, in an alternate reality where they will be facing off with some new truly evil characters that aren’t bound by the laws of nature that exist in our reality. Mary’s a tough fighter but she may not be tough enough to take on the harsh reality of the apocalypse world that she’s stuck in. Especially if she has to fight Lucifer too. Or worse, work with him.

That should make for some exciting action as the two try to stay alive and vanquish the monsters coming after them. There is also a rumor that an alternative version of Archangel Michael might pop up in the alternate apocalypse world as well.

Is Castiel Really Dead?

Meanwhile back in the other reality Sam and Dean will be fighting off monsters and trying to deal with Lucifer’s child all while wondering if Castiel will somehow return. Castiel died at the end of season 12 as well, but c’mon, is Cas ever really dead? There’s a pretty good chance that somehow Castiel will be back. Misha Collins has confirmed that Castiel will be back in some form or another in Supernatural season 13.

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Wayward Sisters

At some point during the season Sheriff Jody Mills will be back and the spinoff Wayward Sisters will be introduced. Fans have been waiting a long time for the spinoff and are excited to finally see Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum starring in their own spooky stories of tangles with the supernatural. And for the Winchester Boys it’s safe to assume that they will keep on saving people, hunting things, and keeping that family business going.