The Flash season 4 episode 4 review: Elongated Journey into Night


Barry and Team Flash return for Season 4’s “Elongated Journey into Night”, which was directed by the Flash’s very own Tom Cavanagh.

The Flash’s “Elongated Journey into Night” starts with a drop-in on a romantic evening between Cisco and Gypsy, clearly in Cisco’s bedroom (The Matrix poster is a dead giveaway). Immediately after Gypsy skips the loo, a breach opens up in the room and Danny Trejo pops out. He begins to assault Cisco when Gypsy comes back and reveals that this surly world jumper is her father, Breacher.

Cut to Joe and Barry at the Central City Police Department where they are discussing the Bus Metas. Barry shows Joe his new investigation board. They head to S.T.A.R. Labs where they encounter Breacher, meanwhile, Cisco gets some advice from his mentor Wells.

While investigating the Bus Metas, Joe and Barry come across an I.O.U. from Ralph Dibny (a private investigator and a former CCPD detective). Joe and Barry go to talk with Dibny at his P.I. office and it’s clear there is history is here. After Joe and Barry leave, two goons show up and threaten Dibny. Here, we get a glimpse at the nature of Dibny’s powers.

Team Flash begins to assess Dibny’s condition, complete with visual gags. Meanwhile, Cisco is at Jitters with Gypsy and Breacher. It’s not long before Breacher tells Cisco he is going to hunt him and Cisco bolts (Run Cisco, Run).

Back at the Lab, Barry brands Dibny a villain and Caitlin mentions that she needs a sample of Dibny’s DNA from before the Dark Matter/Bus incident.  Barry and Iris go to search Dibny’s office and they discuss Dibny and Barry’s shared history. Iris finds a bomb and Barry narrowly manages to save her before it goes off (destroying Dibny’s office).

When Barry and Iris return to the Lab, Barry begins to talk down about Dibny again when Caitlin steps in to defend him. She reminds Barry what it’s like to wake up with powers one day.

Cisco finds his way back to S.T.A.R. Labs and discusses his situation with Wells. Wells reminds Cisco that since he cannot use his powers, he must use his mind (and his ability to appear meek).

Caitlin gives Dibny a stabilizing agent, who is now able to exert control over his malleable body. Joe and Barry meet with the Mayor (a former cop), who reveals that Dibny has dirt on him for a past indiscretion. Following Joe and Barry’s exit, the Mayor tells his goons that Dibny is still alive and that he needs to be taken care of.

Joe and Barry return to the Lab, where Barry and Dibny get into a heated exchange.

Meanwhile, Cisco lures Breacher into a trap, which Breacher proceeds to cut his way out of. Cisco flees again.

Joe and Barry have a conversation about truth, consequences, and second chances. They’re interrupted by the Mayor’s goons (who happen are a part of his police detail). They pull guns on Barry and Joe, but a couple of bullets are pretty quick work for the Flash. Joe recognizes the goons and he (along with Barry) prepares to confront the Mayor.

Breacher closes in on Cisco at the Lab but becomes distracted when he notices Dibny, who he mistakes for the “Plastoid” aliens that wreaked havoc on his world.

Dibny confronts the Mayor on his own regarding the blackmail he has. Dibny hands over the blackmail, refusing the money he originally wanted because he didn’t want to be ‘dirty’. Despite his sudden change of conscience, the Mayor shoots Dibny in the head, but it has no effect (because Dibny is super stretchy and practically made of plastic).

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The Flash arrives on the scene but as he is about to apprehend the Mayor, Breacher drops in and begins to unload energy blasts on Dibny and the Flash. Amid the chaos, the Mayor takes Joe hostage at gunpoint. Things look grim for Dibny when the Flash goes down, but Cisco breaches in as Vibe to make the save.

As Cisco stands up to Breacher, the Mayor makes off with Joe in a helicopter. Ruling out Cisco’s Vibe powers, The Flash puts his faith in Dibny, giving him a superhero pep talk and revealing his secret identity. With Dibny’s help, The Flash is able to save Joe and Joe finally confesses that Cecilia is pregnant.

Caitlin, Joe, Iris, and Barry begin to celebrate the good news at the Lab while Cisco says farewell to Gypsy and Breacher (who begrudgingly respects Cisco now).

Caitlin returns home to find a cryptic note scratched into her door.

The episode concludes with Barry extending an invitation to join Team Flash to Dibny, with the promise of mentorship. Dibny accepts, becoming the newest addition to Central City’s Heroes: Plastic Man.

The Good

Wow, what a debut for the Elongated Man. It seems he’ll be going by the name Plastic Man on The Flash, which seems like a snappier codename.The character motives and the CGI for the Plastic Man seem well placed and well done.

Hartley Sawyer is a great addition to a wonderful cast. He drew on a Mask-era Jim Carrey vibe but didn’t rely on it. Sawyer had good chemistry with just about everyone on the show, especially Grant Gustin. The chemistry between the two enhances the complex history between Ralph Dibny and Barry Allen.

Danny Trejo had a great guest spot as Gypsy’s father, Breacher, a no-nonsense bounty hunter from Earth 19. The tension between Cisco and Breacher is fun, I hope Danny Trejo gets a chance to return.

The Flash’s CGI and action sequences are consistently good this season, definitely worthy of the Fastest Man Alive and the rest of his DCTV pals.

The Bad

The pacing, the action, the CGI and the acting were all on point tonight. I will say that I did miss the Ladies of Team Flash a bit during this episode, but considering they teased a lot for Caitlin next week (and the episode title is “Girls Night Out”), I’m willing to let it slide.

The Grade

“Elongated Journey into Night” was a 5-star episode for me. It had everything I want on a tv show based on comics. Comedy, drama, action and compelling characters.

That’s it for me this week, next week I’ll be back with The Flash Season 4 Episode 5 “Girls Night Out”

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