Thor: Ragnarok — Loki and the road to Avengers: Infinity War


Thor: Ragnarok featured a moment from Loki that will play into May’s Avengers: Infinity War movie.

At the height of Thor: Ragnarok‘s climax we witnessed Loki venture into Odin’s treasure vault. In an effort to cause Ragnarok and defeat Hela, Loki uses Surtur’s skull to revive the powerful fire demon. Passing the Tesseract in Odin’s vault, Loki stops and contemplates stealing it, but continues on with his mission despite himself.

The Tesseract

Appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract was the first Infinity Stone introduced. Initially a stand-in for the Cosmic Cube (a classic plot device for Cap/Red Skull stories and reality-bending tool), it has become a coveted object of power within the MCU. Having appeared in multiple Marvel films, we’re clearly not done with it yet.

The God of Mischief

Anybody who’s been paying attention is aware that Loki is always up to something. It’s entirely plausible that just because we didn’t see Loki take it, doesn’t mean he left the Tesseract. In every movie he has appeared in, Loki always has an ulterior motive, and Thor: Ragnarok is no different. Taking the Tesseract, an object of immense power, fits right in with Loki’s modus operandi. It’s unclear what he would do with as of now, but he could use it to usurp Thor’s power or travel to Earth in order to exact revenge on the Avengers. Whatever the case maybe, Loki is surely up to something.

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The Arrival of Thanos

It’s all speculation at this point, but many people have inferred that large ship that appears during the mid-credits sequence belongs to Thanos. If true, then we can expect that he is after one of the Infinity Stones. Judging by the appearances the Tesseract has made in the MCU, it either is an Infinity Stone or it is powered by one. Surely, if caught holding the Tesseract, Loki will be trying to bargain for his own safety with it. Despite his deeds in Thor: Ragnarok, something tells me Loki won’t be putting his neck on the line for others again anytime soon.