Thor: Ragnarok — The fate of Asgard


After Thor: Ragnarok, the land of Asgard ceased to exist. What about the people?

The end of Thor: Ragnarok saw Asgard explode into space dust and the abandonment of her people’s to the void of space. With an ominous spaceship looming, the fate of Asgard’s people is in question. With plenty of time before we get answers, let’s speculate on what’s to come of the Space Vikings.


In the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Asgard is another planet in an infinite universe. Ruled by Odin, it was an advanced city compared to any on Earth.  Now that it has been destroyed, the geographical placement of its citizens isn’t important so long as their destination can support life in the same manner. With Thor, Bruce Banner, and Jane Foster all having spent time on both Earth and Asgard, it’s safe to assume Earth is one of a few places that is hospitable for the Asgardians.

Her People

One of 9 conquered by Odin (and Hela), Asgard is home to a technologically advanced humanoid race that shares cultural touchstones with Earth’s own Norse Mythology. In all the glimpses of Asgardian lifestyle and hierarchy, it seems that Asgard and Earth seem to have some basic societal characteristics in common. With the people of Earth becoming more familiar with Thor and Loki since the invasion in The Avengers, it’s possible that the people of Earth have become more open to the idea of contact with Thor’s people. Considering there is no major difference in the way both societies communicate, it certainly is feasible that Asgardians could integrate into Earth’s global structure at a reasonable pace.

Her King

With Odin’s death and Hela’s demise, Thor is left to lead the people of Asgard. Thor, who has a good deal of affection for Earth and her people, may decide that it is the best place to call home. Unfortunately, the heroes and gods of Asgard were culled thanks during Thor Ragnarok and many fell standing against Hela. It seems the only individuals left for Asgardians to follow are Thor, Loki, Heimdall and the Valkyrie. Of these characters, it’s likely that Heimdall and Valkyrie would fall in line behind Thor, while the Asgardian people would openly oppose Loki’s leadership. So it seems that Asgard is going to go where Thor leads.

Her Future

Finally, Thor Ragnarok had Odin hint at the future of Asgard in one of Anthony Hopkins’ best scenes. In describing to Thor the defining characteristic of Asgard (her people), he refers to the Norwegian coast he is staring at “This could be Asgard”.

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It’s possible that Asgard could be coming to Earth, just as it has in the pages of Marvel Comics. This possibility brings with it a wealth of opportunities for great storytelling and meaningful commentary about immigration. No matter where Asgard ends up, I’ll be excited to watch its fate on the silver screen.