Marvel Comics Christmas Gift Guide


The release of Thor: Ragnarok has brought Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close. Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing gifts out there this holiday season help any Marvel fans in your life wait patiently for 2018’s Infinity War. Don’t forget to head over to ThinkGeek to see their entire Marvel line when you’re done!

Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

Baby Groot Ornament

No Christmas tree will be complete without the cutest tree in the Marvel Universe on it. Not only will it look cool, but it also plays everyone’s favorite holiday tune, “Flashlight,” by Parliament-Funkadelic.

BUY IT NOW: 17.99

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Deadpool Beanie

Who knew that Marvel’s most talkative mercenary could also bring Christmas joy to all the little girls and boys? This festively bright red beanie will keep you warm while you sarcastically crack wise while everyone else is singing carols.

BUY IT NOW: 7.99

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Luke Cage Swear Jar

Everyone has that friend that could make a sailor blush with their vocabulary. Let them know they’ve been more naughty than nice this Christmas with their very own swear jar.

BUY IT NOW: 24.99

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Captain Marvel Crossbody Purse

The Marvel fan in your life is guaranteed to be excited about their first female superhero movie. Spring 2019 she’ll be protecting the MCU, but until then, she can protect all your essentials.

BUY IT NOW: 59.99

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Dr. Strange Mug

Not even the Sorcerer Supreme can face the day without a warm morning drink from this custom mug. Goes best with Chai of Agamotto.

BUY IT NOW: 6.99

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Mjolnir Tool Set

Want to make your significant other feel like a God this holiday season? Hook them up with Thor’s Hammer (and his tape measure, level, screwdriver, wrench, ratcheting wrench, and utility knife).

BUY IT NOW: 99.99

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Spiderman Christmas Sweater

Swing on by your holiday party in style, with your friendly, neighborhood Christmas sweater.

BUY IT NOW: 19.99

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Captain America Down Jacket

Keep warm the Super Soldier in your life warm this holiday season with this patriotically puffy jacket. Added bonus that you can flex in it, and pretend you have Captain America’s muscles.

BUY IT NOW: 119.99

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Awesome Mix Vol. 2 Cutting Board

Whether you’re making Starlord steaks or Gamorra Gazpacho, this awesome cutting board will help make sure everything you make in your kitchen is mixed to perfection.

BUY IT NOW: 14.99

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Iron Man Helmet Cufflinks

Nothing brings class to a formal Christmas gathering more than an accessory featuring the MCU’s first superhero.

BUY IT NOW: 49.99

Whether you’re after a merry Marvel gift, or just something to add to your favorite comic fan’s collection, there’s plenty of options this holiday season. Check out ThinkGeek’s entire Marvel line here.