Avengers 4: Which movies can Marvel follow with?

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With Marvel Studios set to air 20 movies after Avengers 4, what could be in the works?

Recently, Marvel’s main movie man Kevin Feige mentioned that Marvel Studios had 20 movies planned after the Untitled Avengers 4.  This Avengers movie is widely recognized as the end of an era for Marvel Studios as well beloved heroes/their actors, so it’ll be a whole new world after that. We’re sure to see sequels to some films already released or lined up, but given their track record, Marvel is sure to have some great surprises in store for its viewers.

Let’s take a look at some of the options Marvel has once its first swath of phases is done.

Obvious Sequels

While many long-time Avengers are being dismissed with the Avengers finale, there are still many loose ends to tie up. Already announced are the sequels to Spider-man: Homecoming and the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy. Tom Holland’s Spider-man is fun and engaging, so I’m looking forward to whatever sequel may come. The same goes for the charismatic Guardians of the Galaxy, with a great cast and plenty of galaxies to explore, it’s no doubt that Volume 3 will be a hit.

If most characters follow the 3 movie arc formula in place now, then we can expect Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Ant-Man to all receive sequels in that block of 20. Doctor  Strange, Ant-Man, and Black Panther all have deep backstories and rich characters to explore. Doctor Strange has the magical mysteries of the universe to explore, and don’t forget the way Baron Mordo appeared in the post-credits sequence for Doctor Strange.

Fans of Ant-Man can look forward to the exploration of Scott’s dimensions as a criminal, a father and a hero in addition to the complexities of quantum little space. Black Panther hasn’t been released yet but I doubt that Marvel Studios can encapsulate all the splendor of T’Challa and Wakanda in one film. The trials that the Black Panther must face as a king and hero are numerous and surely will make for great films. It’s possible, but not likely, that one of our Phase 1 heroes will get another film. Just trying to cover our bases.