Thor: The Dark World review: How does it impact Infinity War?

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What worked?

While the movie had its flaws, there’s no question that the best moments came from when Loki was on screen. Tom Hiddleston of course has always been charismatic as the god of mischief, and this movie was no different.

But what was interesting for his character was the fact that we got to see Loki’s character from a different perspective. Before, he was only seen as the villain in both Thor and The Avengers. But this time, while he wasn’t the main hero, he was more of a hero nonetheless.

It’s not just Loki that shined in this movie. The on-screen chemistry between Hemsworth and Hiddleston was probably the highlight of the movie. They act like brothers, they fight like brothers. They convince the audience that they are brothers.

And sure, it may not be the best Marvel movie, but it is still an enjoyable one. The goal of any movie is for the audience to go in and expect to have fun. And whenever that happens, that movie can be considered well done. That can be said for Thor: The Dark World. 

Sure, it has its flaws, but every movie does. And this movie still has plenty of enjoyable action in it. In the opening fight sequence, we get to see Thor fighting alongside Sif and the Warriors Three. There’s some fun action there, and we even get our first look at a Kronan, the same type of people that Korg from Thor: Ragnarok!

The scene with Thor and Loki escaping with Jane from Asgard is also a fun moment. It provided the movie with a fun chase scene, and once again, there was a bit more of that back and forth chemistry between Hemsworth and Hiddleston.

And while the final fight scene between Thor and Malekith made little sense, there were some fun moments nonetheless. The two going through portals made the fight unique, and the way Thor defeats Malekith is different if not interesting.

The movie may have its flaws, but it’s still a fun movie nonetheless.