Marvel Cinematic Universe: 20 best actors, ranked

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8. Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger

Michael B. Jordan has done something that no other Marvel Cinematic Universe character has accomplished. He took a character and turned him into a movement and a symbol. It wasn’t just the lines that he was given. A good line also has to be delivered well. Jordan took the words he was given and made them hit hard. His “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors” line will be remembered like quotes from V For Vendetta. It hit hard and was delivered with compassion. If that line fell flat, it might have taken the movie down a few notches.

Marvel took a big chance using Jordan in his terrible role in Fantastic Four. He was amazing in Creed, however, but could he star in a comic book movie? The answer is yes.

Jordan wasn’t just a guy using great lines, the action sequences were great, and his comedic timing in the movie was superb. If we never see Erik Killmonger again, his standing as a great villain has been cemented.

Killmonger will remain one of the best characters and Jordan as the actor who made this villain a different and powerful character.