Marvel Cinematic Universe: 20 best actors, ranked

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4. Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Everyone loves Loki. The movies may be called Thor, but I’d wager more fans care about the fate of Loki than they do Thor. Loki is not a good person, but is he a bad guy, misunderstood, or just a spoiled brat who could have been left for dead as a baby. Loki is actually all of these and this is what makes him such a great character. Despite all of that, you need an actor that can give you all of this on top of a devilishly alluring smile on top of his wicked charm.

Tom Hiddleston was the perfect choice for Loki and the franchise would have failed without him. No matter bad people may say the Thor movies are (with the exception of Thor Ragnarok), Loki was amazing and stole the show. When he did evil things, Hiddleston would give this look that made you root for him.

In Thor: Dark World, Loki was in prison and used a spell to make him look amazing. When Loki took the spell off Hiddleston showed us all a couple of emotions Loki hadn’t used; remorse and sadness. In Marvel’s The Avnegers, we saw Loki taken down a peg towards the end of the movie. It may not have seen like much, but him asking for that drink was a good moment. It just showed more of what Hiddleston brings to the table as Loki.

Lastly, Hiddleston’s Loki changed pop culture. I stated in a previous article that people across the board cosplay as him and add a twist to him. It’s one thing to be great in a movie, it’s another to change the culture as well. For years, Loki was the only villain that Marvel had not killed off and possibly the only villain in Marvel that people love.