Marvel Cinematic Universe: 20 best actors, ranked

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2. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)

No one has had the consistent success that the Captain America franchise has had. First, who would have thought that an origin story about Steve Rogers becoming Captain America in the 1940s would be as good as it was? Also, who could have predicted that Chris Evans would be so great in this role? Captain America went on to have the most anticipated franchise without critics (professional or audience) talking about how bad the movie was or how it didn’t stand up to the previous movie.  

Being completely unbiased, Steve Rogers is not the kind of character that people look for in an action flick. A lot of people find the character boring. Evans added something that many people didn’t think was possible; a likable personality. Fans of the character from the comic book knew his potential, but we only make up a small percentage of the money the movies rake in.  Evans made Steve Rogers lovable with his shyness despite his abilities. We could relate to him because he isn’t the Hulk or Thor, but he still fights among them and does more than just hold his own. And, this may the most important, Evans delivered the comedic lines perfectly.

Evans is one of the best actors that people forget about. He does everything from action, to romantic comedies, to drama and he’s had to use all of these skills in his role as Steve Rogers. Chris Evans has had to where many hats as Steve Rogers as well. He’s had to be the leader of The Avengers, a friend, make the tough decisions no one wants to, and be the one to set the example for what’s right.

Evans is the total package, and it’s a big deal that Marvel cast him.