Marvel Cinematic Universe: 20 best actors, ranked

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18. Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Why would anyone care about an Ant-Man movie? He’s just a guy who grows small and talks to ants? At least Aquaman has super strength. Well, Paul Rudd not only made Ant-Man a character that people care about, but he also made Ant-Man a money-making franchise.

Rudd did not play the Scott Lang character the way he was portrayed in the comics. He made the character fun. Lang was a talented thief that cared about his daughter, but he wasn’t as funny. Rudd is an actor that does in fact have more range than he’s given credit for. The way he looked at his daughter with love isn’t something people are aware he can do. Even though he did it in This is 40.

Rudd should be commended for making Scott Lang a marketable character. When he appeared in Captain America: Civil War he had memorable moments among the heavy hitters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and Chadwick Boseman. Even though the lines were written, not everyone could pull it off the way Rudd did.

Rudd has a big test coming up with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Sequels always seemed to be cursed, but if he can pull off another great performance, he could be looking at more Scott Lang roles in the future.