Marvel Cinematic Universe: 20 best actors, ranked

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14. Danai Gurira as Okoye

One of the best things about a character is when they become an inspiration. Danai Gurira already portrayed a strong character in Walking Dead. So it wasn’t a stretch when she was cast as one of the strongest women in Wakanda, Okoye. Not only was she strong, she was commanding. Whenever Okoye was on screen, no matter how small the moment, she made herself known. Even if it was something as simple as just giving a look to another character. Okoye was one of the few strong female black characters we’ve seen in a comic book movie. Her (and the rest of the Dora Milaje) were so amazing that they will be getting their own comic book series in Marvel Comics.

Danai wasn’t just a warrior, her comedic timing was perfect. Maybe it was the serious face she always had that made what she did so funny. Whether she was fidgeting with a wig (that she hated), telling T’Challa to not be shaky, or calling guns primitive, Okoye was great. No one is going to be shocked when Okoye gets more screen time or a starring role in a Dora Milaje movie or television series.