DCEU: Ranking the 13 greatest live-action superheroes

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7. White Canary

White Canary aka Sara Lance is the star of CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, played wonderfully by Caity Lotz. However, before joining the Legends, her journey began on Arrow. She was on the Queen’s Gambit along with Oliver and Robert Queen. It sank in 2007 leaving Sarah alone and thought to be dead. She was rescued and taken in by a criminal Anthony Ivo. Her work lead caught the attention of the League of Assassins where would train, work, and fall in love with Rad al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa.

After being released from the League of Assassins by her ex-lover she returned to Starling City under the moniker Black Canary. Sara would join team Arrow before being killed by Thea Queen and eventually resurrected as the White Canary. Now, Sara joined a team of heroes who travel through time to ensure the safety of the world — the Legends of Tomorrow.

When a hero is trained in combat by Ras al Ghul they already have an advantage over the competition. Additionally, Sara has some serious weaponry skills and she’s proven to be a great leader. After Rip Hunter left the team it was Sara who took over as leader of the Legends of Tomorrow. Sarah Lance may have been a fictional character made up specifically for the Arrowverse but she’s been one of baddest heroes of the DCU.