Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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The list of the best downloadable fighters for Injustice 2.

The fighting video game genre certainly had a powerful resurrection when Injustice 2 was released worldwide. With a large roster of characters, comic fans got to feel the power of their favorite heroes and villains. The DLC added several new characters to play as and kept the fun going. Now that all the characters are available, it’s time for a new official ranking. Here are the best DLC characters in Injustice 2.

10. Hellboy

Fun to see him in this game, but the gameplay is a dud. Hellboy is just too slow and difficult to manage to not be considered last. If anything the character’s play style should have been equal to Atrocious, who is strong but still felt agile. Some players might prefer a character with heavier attacks and a quick pistol, but in a fighting game like this with so many unique characters, Hellboy seems to be at a disadvantage. However, his dialogue moments before fights always made me chuckle, and I think is certainly worth adding to your collection, but I don’t plan to return to this character anytime soon.

9. Red Hood

You would think that a character known as “Batman with gun” would be more interesting. At the time he was a fun playable character, but additional DLC has pushed Red Hood to the back. But there are some redeemable qualities. The character is fast like Cheetah, as he can jump and evade all around the environment. Which is actually pretty unique, because most of the other DLC characters will just throw objects, instead of use them defensively.

Red Hood has some great combos, but they are overshadowed with the fact that they do not inflict much damage. You’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to his moveset in order to feel prepared in combat. His super move is one of the most stylish and totally fits the character. Overall, the quality of this character feels more realistic because Red Hood is a normal human being but with some gadgets, weapons, and martial arts that puts him against aliens and monsters. He doesn’t need those special talents to win.