Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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4. Sub-Zero

Another classic character from the Mortal Combat franchise is playable in this fighting video game. Sub-Zero is an absolute beast, with some ferocious attacks and quick speed, he’s a force of nature in Injustice 2. Seeing what this guy can do with ice style attacks makes Captain Cold an even worse fighter to play as. One of my favorite things to do is use his special move to trap opponents where they are placed. A pro tip is to activate this when Sub-Zero is in midair, allowing the opponent nearly any time to react, once they are frozen, conjure up your ice hammer and attack!

Having Sub-Zero as one of your go-to characters is never a bad choice, he’s a veteran and an icon in fighting video games, and having him here to face off against Batman or  The Flash is a nerd’s dream come true. You must buy this DLC character if you want to get the most out of this game. He’s a great guest character and is ideal for players that are more offensive than tactical. But, you can still use his unique attacks for strategic purposes in the fight. His super move is one of the best looking, as Sub-Zero uses every attack in the book in a non-stop assault on his unlucky opponent.