Injustice 2: The best DLC characters, ranked

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3. Black Manta

This character is near perfect for fighting video games, his attacks are outstanding and he has plenty of weapons to use in a fight. If Mortal Combat allowed some characters from Injustice 2 to crossover as playable guests, my choice would have to be Black Manta.  He certainly is very exciting to play as, as if Aquaman and Batman combined into one powerful villain. He also has some of the coolest outfit pieces out of all of the characters, allowing him to look more menacing.

You can use his harpoon gun and trident for long-range attacks, as well as his knives for close combat. Mantha is also equipped with a Jet Pack that can be used during combo attacks, or to just simply avoid the enemy by flying up. And let’s not forget, he also has heat-seeking missiles to fire on opponents, and they are awesome. Highly recommend using this character, he was a total surprise to me and instantly became one of my favorites.