Avengers: Infinity War: 3 Soul Stone theories

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

2. Gamora

Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in in 2014, we’ve seen that Thanos has always favored Gamora over her sister Nebula. He constantly made them fight to see who was more superior and Gamora would win every time. Why was Thanos so hard on them both? Why was Gamora his favorite even after she betrayed him? Maybe she has the Soul Stone inside her and doesn’t know or she is in fact the Soul Stone.

This may seem like a stretch, but look at the world we are talking about. A universe with giant fire demons, The Hulk, and Dr. Strange run around and people are used to it. If Gamora is or has the Soul Stone, this could explain why Thanos has favored her for so long. This could also explain why there was a focus on the two of them holding hands in the Avenger: Infinity War trailer.

There’s also the current the Marvel comic book Infinity Countdown Prime that may hint to this as well. Gamora is looking for a part of her that is trapped inside the Soul Stone. An older version of herself. The movies and the comics tend to take from each other. It’s doubtful that Gamora being in the Soul Stone is a coincidence.