X-Men: 7 actors who could play Wolverine in the MCU

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3. Clive Standen 

If you’ve watched the first few seasons of History channels answer to Game of Thrones then you saw Clive Standen. Standen plays the TV version of the real life Viking monarch and started what we know to be Normans. On the show he’s smooth and cunning. But of course he’s a Viking, so he brings everything that comes with to the table.

Some way want to complain about him being 6’2, so was Hugh Jackman. Rollo was an absolute bad ass, a sword wielding, pillaging Viking but he was no here. However, Standen plays a young version of Liam Nesson’s character in Taken, the TV series which airs NBC. As Bryan Mills, he pulled of an excellent rumbling deep voiced American accent and proved once again that he was ready for action.

At 36,  could play Wolverine for the next decade and continue to ride the popularity that is associated with the X-Men everyone seems to love the most — should Disney ask him to.