Avengers: Infinity War can revive these 6 characters

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1. Odin

Resurrecting the Allfather is the craziest but coolest resurrection that could happen in Infinity War. Odin was among the most powerful beings in the MCU. Odin in his youth was stronger than Thor, and in old age remained more experienced and cunning while wielding magical/cosmic abilities that Thor has never demonstrated. The only enemy to truly beat him was time, as old age claimed him after a lifespan of millennia.

To get the most bang-for-your-buck out of Odin’s resurrection, he has got to fight Thanos. For that to work, we’d have to assume Thor somehow gets the Infinity Gauntlet and resurrects the Allfather, ideally as a younger man still in his fighting prime. Then the gauntlet would somehow break, perhaps due to the power needed to resurrect Odin or Thor’s ineptitude in wielding it. Then we get the battle royale; bonus points if Thanos and Odin each get a hold of Infinity Stones and create a truly mind-blowing fight.

Of course, I admit that’s not the most plausible scenario if Thor gets the gauntlet, which should be immediate game-over for Thanos. He could still revive his dad for a few reasons: help undoing the damage Thanos did, disposing of the Infinity Stones, not feeling worthy to lead the remaining Asgardians, etc.

Like reviving Hela, bringing back Odin would open new possibilities for the Thor franchise. Odin might task Thor with finding a new Asgard, setting the stage for new adventures. Alternatively, he might recreate Mjolnir and open the door to passing Thor’s power on to another, allowing Hemsworth to relinquish the role.

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And, of course, a younger Odin ruling a new, more vulnerable Asgard would invite attacks, allowing us to see the Allfather lay occasional smackdowns in future movies.

To get the most out of Odin, Marvel Studios also needs to take a controversial step: recast him. I have great respect for Sir Anthony Hopkins, but he’s 80 years old and a rejuvenated, active Odin requires an actor who’s not only younger, but more physically imposing. Hell, once Thanos bites the dust, Josh Brolin might need something to do…