Legends of Tomorrow season 3: Ranking its top 5 moments

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Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow is officially in the past. But let’s take this opportunity to reflect on some of the show’s best moments.

Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season was undoubtedly another check in the win column for The CW. After receiving a lukewarm reception during its first season, the showrunners really upped their game for season 2, and the show has been incredibly strong ever since. But with the Legion of Doom behind them, the superheroes now set their sights on an ancient time demon, Mallus.

In a season that saw telepathic gorillas, anachronisms and speedsters, Legends continued to deliver in season 3. While we lost some beloved faces, we gained a few more. With the introduction of Zari, Ava Sharpe and John Constantine, the Waverider got a little crowded. But each of these great characters added something special to the show. And all of them were integral in bringing the fight to Mallus.

Taking all of that into account, it’s safe to say there were some outstanding moments this season. In fact, there were so many, it was almost impossible to narrow them down. But somehow, we did it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best moments of Legends of Tomorrow season 3.

5. Constantine’s Debut

After the midseason finale left us with the arrival of John Constantine, the midseason premiere allowed us to see how he ended up tracking the Legends down. As you would expect from the Master of the Dark Arts, it was a dark but comical adventure in a Star City asylum that led him to the Waverider. In an attempt to exorcise a demon from a little girl (that eventually turned out to be Nora Darhk), Constantine discovered that she wasn’t just possessed by any demon — she was possessed by Mallus.

The terrifying demon told the warlock about his intentions with his friend, Sara Lance. Before Constantine could finish the exorcism (that wasn’t working), he was interrupted by the staff of the asylum. But this didn’t stop him from escaping, as he created a diversion by flipping a magical coin.

With unforgettable quips, a graphic exorcism and Gothic music, this was the perfect way of introducing Constantine to the colorful world of Legends of Tomorrow. And it was nice to see Matt Ryan make his long-awaited return to TV as the beloved character.

Now that he has a permanent home aboard the Waverider, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the demon hunter. And you can rest assured that we’ll see a lot more bizarre moments like this one, because… he’s “John Constantine, love”.