Marvel Cinematic Universe: The 8 worst performances

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3. Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum

Upon writing this list, I went through all of the Marvel movies and shows. How Jessica’s Stroup’s performance in Netfix’s Iron Fist didn’t pop into my head first is shocking. Iron Fist has been notoriously known as one of the worst projects Marvel has put out and she was a giant part of it. What’s funny about this is she started off good when she had her first conversation and progressively got worse.

Joy wasn’t the romantic interest, she wasn’t the devious corporate boss, and she didn’t have any big change in character until the end of the season. Joy was in the majority of the show and didn’t bring anything to make it better. In fact, every scene she was in was a perfect opportunity to check your phone for texts because you weren’t going to miss anything while she was on screen.

It’s one thing to be bad, at least you’re memorable. It’s another thing to be absolutely useless. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Hopefully, her performance as a villain in season two of Iron Fist will rejuvenate the character and excite fans into embracing the show.