Black Lightning: Five influential moments in season 1

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4. Anissa is Thunder

Episode 9: The Book Of Little Black Lies

Anissa is a lot like her father. Intelligent, strong, and a person who fights for those who can’t. The season even starts with Jefferson having to bail her out of jail for a disturbance during a protest. From that moment you could tell that she was going to be more than just a side character. When she found out she had powers, Anissa immediately goes and tries to find out more about her family lineage and how she got these abilities. When she first donned her costume and became Thunder to her father’s Black Lightning, she took the scene in a major way.

What made this memorable

Anissa became a hero. There have been more than a few occasions where Anissa has saved her dad as Thunder. If she never experimented with her powers her dad would have been kidnapped or killed. With Gambi, she was directly responsible for making sure the public knew that Jefferson wasn’t Black Lightning. Anissa may have used her powers to help people before, but her putting on the suit made everything official.