Black Lightning: Five influential moments in season 1

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2. Martin Proctor reveals himself

Episode 8: The Book of Revelations

There aren’t many people that I hate in TV and movies. Martin Proctor is one of those characters that’s impossible to like. He doesn’t care about anything but himself, he’s racist and despicable. Proctor only appeared in five episodes, but every episode he was in was important. He kidnapped Giambi, helped get Jefferson put in jail, and is the one responsible for kidnapping black kids to further his experiment. We find out in the final episode that the government isn’t even funding him anymore. Proctor is a villain who is hoping for the death of imprisonment of black people.

What made this memorable

When Proctor came onto the scene, everything changed. The show wasn’t just Black Lightning against Tobias. We also find out that the Green Light drug wasn’t just something that Tobias was putting in the street. Proctor was trying his best to use black people as guinea pigs to further his agenda. When he was killed, it was the most satisfying part of the series. What’s more important, with Proctor and Lady Eve gone, Tobias is now the king of the city.