DCEU: Why the DC women should become its identity

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Exploit Harley Quinn and use Barbra Gordon

We already have Birds of Prey which should be one epic movie and could cement the idea that a world where female heroes rule isn’t taboo. Although Birds of Prey focuses on Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress, the idea of including the every so popular Harley Quinn may not be a bad idea. In fact, there’s been rumors that Harley Quinn would be featured in a number of DCEU films.  One of those films could be a Joker and Harley Quinn not so love story.

Imagine if the DCEU created a film that followed Harley’s journey from Joker victim to a strong independent anti-villain. Should the DCEU drive home more female films, there’s no better tale than Harley Quinn seeking retribution for all the things Joker has done to her while Poison Ivy is helping her young friend discover who she is. That’s exactly what happened in the story arc Mad Love which also featured Poison Ivy. The movie would be a Thelma and Louise style film that could really do wonders for the DCEU as it would shift away from the traditional hero story. 

Additionally, the film could spin-off into yet another Harley Quinn movie, Gotham City Sirens where we could watch three extraordinary women save Gotham.

Of course there’s Jim Gordon’s daughter, Barbra who goes by Oracle/Batgirl.  Batgirl would be another wise decision for the DCEU as a main focus. Initially, it appeared that the DCEU were going to feature a Batgirl solo movie, but Joss Whedon has since stepped down. And it looks like Birds of Prey is the direction they’ll go still, there’s more meat on the bone as it pertains to Barbra Gordon. Barbra could be in a Batman movie that feels more like an origin story of Batgirl which ultimately could be The Killing Joke playing out on screen. With Matt Reeves allegedly directing a pre-DCEU Batman movie, the story fits and Barbra would be a major focal point. We could see her journey from a wide-eyed admirer of Batman to patrolling the streets of Gotham herself would make for a great tale.