DCEU: Why the DC women should become its identity

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There’s endless material for fantastic movies

Selina Kyle is another hero who could have a feature film and with the portrayal of the character on Gotham, thanks to Camren Bicondova I’m sure fans want to see more. Catwoman has always been very popular and because of the failed first film, she desperately needs her story retold on the big screen.

Furthermore, there are heroes like Black Canary who has been around for years. She’s a kick-ass hero with exceptional fighting skills and has the potential for a great feature film which could help warm fans up to the highly anticipated debuts of Green Arrow to the DCEU. Cassandra Cain’s life would make for one hell of a movie. Cain is the daughter of two of the worlds greatest assassin. Her history would be the DCEU’s version of Kick-Ass meets John Wick as she’s a born and breed assassin looking to escape the inevitable destiny of criminal activity. 

Zatanna’s backstory has all the makings of a different kind of hero film. As the daughter of the most powerful magician, Zatanna’s story could introduce the darker side of DC as we see her journey in an effort to find her father. She could be the focus of the potential Justice League Dark film. Raven is another hero whose backstory is dark but great. She’s part human part demon unbeknownst to her, and lives in an alternate reality and the story for movie prisoners would follow the young telepath who is being the targeted by her demonic siblings. The dangers could force her to leave her timeline and find refuge on Earth.

Hawkgirl becomes of her Egyptian ties would be great as the movie could focus on her story. 

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There’s no way to tell if the DCEU’s current decisions are a sign of things to come. However, their forward and inclusive thinking is something that has been viewed as a major positive. In fact, THR, has nothing but praise for the DCEU’s latest decision. The way their cinematic universe is headed with women in front and behind the camera, it’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue and why it wouldn’t lead to the same success they have already been awarded.