Avengers: Infinity War: 5 fan theories that won’t come true

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures; from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

3. Did you think it would be that easy, heroes? Red Skull is (not) back!

Rumors have run rampant that Thanos will bring back some former Marvel baddies as his lackeys. In particular, Red Skull. While I would love to see Skull back (Hugo Weaving’s sinister Hydra forefather is perhaps the third strongest MCU villain behind Loki and Killmonger) the odds are incredibly low.

For starters, Weaving has no reported connection to the new films. The Russo brothers have been good with the secrets, but that good? More than that, for the first time in a long time, Marvel doesn’t need more villains. Thanos himself will fill that role, along with his retainer of vicious children The Black Order.

It will be a tall task for the hyper-ambitious film to introduce an array of new characters and balance the necessary arcs of so many favorites without going to the trouble of resurrecting other multidimensional characters to thrown into the mix.