Wolverine’s return spells the demise of Old Man Logan

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Out with the Old Man Logan, in with the Wolverine

One thing that remains true in comic books is that nobody stays dead forever. Bucky came back after being dead for decades. Captain America wasn’t even gone for two years before he came back. It was only a matter of time before Wolverine returned from the dead. Sure, Wolverine lost his healing factor and was encased in a shell made of one of the two or three hardest substances in the universe, but it’s comic books! Suspend disbelief and enjoy the book.

At some point, Logan and Wolverine are going to meet and it will probably be the first and only time they do. Having both Old Man Logan and Wolverine seems redundant. It’s not like X23 and Wolverine. They can both hold the title. Laura (X23) is a completely different character with her own set of relationships. Old Man Logan and Wolverine would end up stepping over each other. While this would be entertaining, the humor would wear off quickly.

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It will be sad to see Old Man Logan go. In some ways, he’s a better character. He has more wisdom than Wolverine and with his healing factor being depleted it makes his fights more interesting. He’s also a lot more bitter and broody than Wolverine. I didn’t think that was possible. With Tony Stark and the Fantastic Four coming back and Peter Parker no longer owning his own business, Marvel seems to be giving fans of the comic books all of the characters they love back to normal.