The Flash: How can the team defeat Clifford DeVoe?

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4. Dark matter energy

Another key component to defeating DeVoe may also be dark matter. It is the same mass of energy from the extra-dimensional gateway known as the Speed Force is partly made up of. The same energy that a majority of Central City’s metahuman community and its fair share of extraordinary abilities have managed to derive their respective power from, including Barry himself (although his source of power is directly connected to the Speed Force itself).

Dark matter is a theoretical source of energy, but not much is known except that this mysterious substance, invisible to the naked eye, is made up about 25 percent of the known universe and is responsible for the gravitational pull of the natural law of physics. That is how theorists and astronomers know the existence of such an anomaly.

Whereas, the rest of the visible universe, including Earth, the sun, stars and galaxies is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons merged together that make up atoms.

Even Devoe, in the previous episode, had stolen dark matter from S.T.A.R Labs after Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) used dark energy to enhance his neuron synapses in his brain. Devoe intends to use the energy as a means to an end for his plan to move forward to enlightenment.

Perhaps if this master plan can be used against him somehow, then it will crush DeVoe’s end goal like a set of dominoes – parameters that link together – it could end up being a massive fall from grace. Team Flash can maybe overload his doomsday at a force of surrender or see it as a nonlethal weapon to affect his mental state or to incapacitate him.

However, dark energy, just like electromagnetic and ionizing radiation can lead to unpredictable and catastrophic results ranging from a geological to extinction level event.