The Flash: How can the team defeat Clifford DeVoe?

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2. Cerebral inhibitor

OK, hear me out on this. I am fully aware that Harrison Wells of Earth-2, who created this specific device to deal with the emergence of Cecille Horton’s telepathy, which became problematic with her interaction with Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and has been used against DeVoe before.

However, the only reason why DeVoe managed to overcome the device is due to having a wider scope of abilities in Becky Sharpe’s body, including telepathy, effigy animation, technopathy, size-alteration, luck manipulation and the ability to secrete a psychoactive chemical substance that affects brain function in addition to superintelligence. DeVoe used Kilg%re’s ability to control technology and disrupt the Cerebral Inhibitor.

DeVoe’s enhanced intelligence is the determining factor into how best to stop the methodical figure in the hover chair. In order to withstand DeVoe’s control over technology, the Cerebral Inhibitor must receive an upgrade. One which comes with a taser or something to bypass Dibny’s polymerized cells or even a power–dampening function to suppress Devoe’s meta-human abilities.

In this way, not only will it inhibit his chances in thwarting Team Flash, but will prevent him from anticipating their next moves and perhaps even render him inert. This can possibly also prevent DeVoe from transferring his consciousness to another body, which could also be their trump card in stopping DeVoe’s plans from meeting a success.

It is not clear, however, according to Savitar how this device was used against The Thinker and whether this is the actual method they used to succeed in taking down The Thinker as The Flash with the help of Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) managed to break the causal loop and in effect erase the future where Iris met her demise at the hands of Savitar. Therefore, between the years 2018 and beyond, their future is uncertain.

Perhaps due to the rescue of Iris, there may have been some changes to the timeline in 2017-2018, which did not go the course as explained by Savitar from his timeline. That means how they defeated The Thinker may not be the same way they did back in Savitar’s timeline.