Avengers 4: Five Marvel heroes that can be introduced

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3. Moondragon

Moondragon is an obscure cosmic Marvel superhero introduced in 1973. She’s actually the daughter of Drax the Destroyer, who was originally human in the comics, and left for dead by Thanos. Thanos’ father rescued her, however, and had her trained by monks on Titan. There, she unlocked immense psionic powers that surpass Earth’s most powerful telepaths, including Professor X. Her colorful history includes partnering with the Avengers before mentally enslaving a planet, reforming and being entrusted with the Mind Gem as a member of Infinity Watch, and working with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, also, she became an actual dragon for a while.

Is Moondragon really weird and obscure? Yes. However, the MCU had no problem with that in either Guardians of the Galaxy or GOTG Vol. 2. She would definitely bring something different to the franchise, much like the greatly re-imagined Mantis did.

Though parts of her origin would need to be reworked to fit the MCU, her connection to Thanos and Titan remain attractive reasons to use her. If simply presented as a Titanian in the MCU, she could be a survivor of the civilization’s collapse, and offer unique insight into Thanos and possibly the Infinity Stones themselves. As an immensely powerful psychic, she would also be able to attack Thanos in ways other heroes couldn’t.