Deadpool 2 death predictions: Which characters could perish?

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Which Deadpool 2 characters have the best chance at not making it through the movie?

The highly anticipated Deadpool is right around the corner. The movie has released a couple of trailers and has had a plethora of great promotions. The previews haven’t revealed much. What we do know is Cable is trying to kill a kid who he feels or knows is a threat to the future.

After talking to Vanessa, Wade decides that he’s going to protect the kid. Wade and Weasel hold interviews for his team. He recruits Domino (played by Zazi Beetz), Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (both returning from the previous movie). Shioli Kutsuna is playing a woman I’m guessing is the Inhuman Ren Kimura (though she won’t be an Inhuman in the movie), and, of course, Peter.

With Deadpool, people are probably going to die. Especially since he has a team around him. I’m starting to think it’s one of his superpowers. This won’t be an Avengers: Infinity War level death movie for major characters. I do think there are going to be deaths that are obvious and some that aren’t.

Terry Crews as Bedlam

Terry Crew had been campaigning to play a Marvel character for a couple of years. Most notably, Crews wanted to play Luke Cage. Since Mike Colter is playing him, that role is out of the question. When the first Deadpool 2 trailer came out, fans ran to social media with excitement when they found out that everyone’s favorite chest popping strong guy and goof-ball would be part of this movie. People speculated that he would be playing G. W. Bridge. It’s been confirmed by the final Deadpool 2 trailer that Crews will be playing a lesser known mutant called Bedlam.

Odds of dying: 95 percent

Let’s get the easy one out of the way. Terry Crews is one of the likable actors in Hollywood. He’s funny, fun-loving, always seems to be smiling, and has played a ton of roles where he gets to be lighthearted or comedic. Because he is such a beloved actor, he is my highest ranked pick to die.

Crews dying would hit the audience. He may be playing a character that people don’t know, but he’s Terry Crews. That adds a little bit more to the drama of him dying.  That movie coming up in the future may be the only thing that saves him. Don’t be shocked if they paralyze him like they did Hammer in the comics.