Spider-Man: A Miles Morales movie is worth being patient for

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Death of Spider-Man

With Miles Morales, there is one trivial part of his story. The story arc Death of Spider-Man. After Miles got his powers, he didn’t use them after a short time. When Peter Parker died, Miles felt guilty. He believed that if he had helped Peter or at least met him that he could have helped prevent Peter from dying. In order to tell the Miles Morales story, you have to tell the Peter Parker story.

We’ve seen that Marvel has no problem killing characters in their movies or TV shows. If Spider-Man dies, it won’t come as a shock. Granted, the visual of him dying in Mary Jane’s arms would be traumatic. Peter Parker may have to die in order for Miles Morales to live. Even if the Death of Spider-Man arc isn’t a story-line, Peter Parker’s story has to be told. The good news is there was an Easter Egg in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Donald Glover played Aaron Davis who is Miles’ uncle. At the end of the interrogation scene Aaron mentions his nephew. We can safely assume he’s talking about Miles.