Happy Mother’s Day: Marvel’s greatest mothers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Susan Richards

Son: Franklin Richards

Daughter: Valeria Richards

There’s a rule in Marvel Comics. You don’t mess with the Invisible Woman. Reed may be the brains and Ben may be the muscle, but Sue Richards is the most dangerous member of the Fantastic Four. And if you mess with her children, you’ll be lucky to get away on your own power.

Sue has always been maternal. Having her mother die and her father drank and gambled away their family fortune, made Sue grow up quick. Even though she and her brother Johnny (the Human Torch) went to a boarding school, Sue had to be more mom than sister. Even to this day it feels like she is more mother than teammate to Johnny and Ben Grimm (the Thing).

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After giving birth to Franklin and years later Valeria, Sue became stronger. Maybe something clicked and she realized she had to be more powerful to protect her children. Sue also always makes time for her kids. It doesn’t matter how many times she leaves that planet, universe, or even the reality, Sue has always found time to make sure her children know that she loves them. She even makes it a point to read them bedtime stories. She is the perfect example of how to balance a million things and still find time to spend with your family.